Ikigai Test – English

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!Bring a Pen & Paper, go for a place where you cannot be distracted by anyone/anything and Follow these 8 Steps carefully


?Step1: What am I good at
.List down all your skills and strengths in the paper

Step 2: What I love?
List down your interest – think “Create / Build / Do”.

Step 3: Passion.
Look through Step 1 and Step 2 earlier to find overlapping or connected area that allows you to identify your passion (skill + interest).

For example:
if Step 1 was: Writing / Editing /or Information gathering

and Step 2 was: Writing / Psychology.

Then this example above shows writing as an overlapping skill and as well as interest (it’s a clear assumption in this case) – passion can be seen in writing.
We also see the connecting skill to the interest such as writing and psychology thus showing a passion for writing psychology related materials. There is no definitive way to .look at this but to find a comfortable click to your passion based on your own skills and interests

Step 4: What does the world need?
Instead of focusing on a larger than life concept, focus on small changes that you can contribute to your local community or organization. List them down.

Step 5: Mission
Look through your list in Step 2 and Step 4 to find a connective area, allowing you to give back to your local communities (interest + need).

Step 6: What I get paid to?
List down your source of income or what you can do to get paid.

Step 7: Vocation
Refer to Step 4 and Step 6 which can help you identify a vocation that allows you to earn and give back to society at the same time (need + get paid)

Step 8: Profession
To identify your profession, look at the skills you listed in Step 1 and how you can get paid in Step 6 (skill + get paid).

Once you’ve completed the steps above – combine the ( Passion + Mission + Vocation + Profession) and you’ll have a Good idea of what your ideal career might be.

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