Business and Finance

Business and Finance

From financial advisors to human resources to real estate careers, business and finance careers give those who enjoy facts and figures an opportunity to put their analytical skills to use. This guide discusses the different professional paths in the industry, the education, training and degrees these professionals need, the tools they use to be successful, and the salaries that different business and finance jobs command.

Careers in Business and Finance

Data Processing

Data processing prepares individuals to master and use computer software programs and applications for inputting, verifying, organizing, storing), and extracting information.

Top career paths are: Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Software Engineer and Database Administrator

Marketing & Sales

The branding and promotion of products and services to the public, which is targeted through specific demographics. Marketing touches many areas of study as advertising, communications and consumer behavior.

Top career paths are: Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Advertising Manager, Public Relations Manager, Brand Manager and Digital Marketing Manager.

Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance combines the study of modern economics with banking and finance. You will be introduced to a broad range of economic subjects including banking, financial inter-mediation and financial decision making,

Top career paths are: Financial Planner, Financial Analyst, Investor Relations Associate,Budget Analyst and Accountant.


Accounting majors learn how to create, maintain and audit a detailed and accurate system that displays the finances of a business or organization.

Top career paths are: Public Accountant, Tax Accountant, Forensic Accountant, Financial Accountant and Managerial Accountant.

International Trading

The major is designed to train graduates equipped with solid foundation of field theory on international economics and trade, skills required for practices on international trade and investment, and skills of multicultural communication.

Top career paths are: Marketing manager, Personal financial planner, Consumer credit counselor and Social service worker.

Consumer Economics

Consumer Economics is a concentration under Agricultural and Consumer Economics. This concentration helps you develop skills that help consumers with everyday problems.

Top career paths are: International Trade Finance Manager, International Marketing Consultant and International Business Development.

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