Ikigai Test

Ikigai (ick-ee-guy) is a word meaning the reason to live) in Japanese 生 き 甲 斐, this strategy or philosophy you can use to determine your way of life.

Lack of goals can lead to many problems, such as anxiety and depression, leading to sleep problems, deterioration of health status, and in extreme cases, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.

For this reason, some have recently moved to the East, specifically to the old Japanese concept

(ikigai) which means, “to live the realization we hope.” Another explanation, ‘what makes life worth living’ (Accurate translation in English).

iki” means ‘life’, while ‘gai’ means ‘value’. “gai” comes from the word ‘kay’ meaning ‘crust’. This refers to the “Heian” period (794 to 1185) when shells were valuable. We can interpret (ikigai) as finding value in one’s life or discovering one goal.

Exploring the concept of ikigai and the questions that come with it, one can help to find a strong goal and through it, satisfaction and leadership. The concept has been reduced to four questions:

1) What do you like?

2) What do you good at?

3) What does the world need from you?

4) What can you be paid for?

The following is a diagram of the Ikigai philosophy from a Western point of view:

Author (Dan Buettner) tells the BBC:

“In order to find your Ikigai, you must write three lists. The first is your values, the second things you enjoy, and finally the things you enjoy. ‘The intersection point of the three lists is your Ikigai”.

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