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There are many career paths in front of the student, which they find themselves confused in which is the Best to them.

We have realized the importance of this decision to any student out of its effect on the student’s future and Life.

So we advise students not to rush and consult specialists & advisors to help them in determining the best academic path and career for them based on the world’s job market now.

In (Choose Your Major -CYM) Forum, Dr. (Walid Fitaihi), One of the best Arab Doctors in the modern time and Member of the prestigious Harvard University‘s academic staff,  has presented the most important factors any student needs to consider before they choose their Study major. That was based on Scientific Proves and personal experiences through working and living over 20 years in the USA with many accomplishments at the academic, professional and personal levels.

Learn about it now! 

(Language is Arabic)

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Men7ty is the First educational consultancy services in the Arab World that provides integrated education services for both “Scholarship” & ‘Self-Funded” students to help them get the best Higher Education.

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