Engineering Technology


On a daily basis, everyone encounters the work of engineers. Whether commuting to work, playing games on a computer, heating up leftovers in a microwave or sorting recycling, engineers have a hand in our day-to-day activities, as their scientific knowledge can be applied in a myriad of ways. This guide explores what engineers do, the types of engineering jobs that are available, the skills needed to be a successful engineer, and the salaries that these professionals can command.

Careers in Engineering Technology

General Engineering

The study of science and technology dealing with the design, building, maintenance and use of engines, machines and structures.

Top career paths are: Petroleum engineer, Electrical engineer, Computer engineer and Chemical engineer.

Computer Science

The study of algorithms, data structures, logic, programming languages, systems, and theory.

Top career paths are: Software Developer, Database Administrator and Computer Hardware Engineer.


Diagnosing and fixing mechanical issues with equipment such as mowers, tractors, water pumps, compactors, salt spreader and saws.

Top career paths are: Aircraft Mechanic, Industrial Machinery Mechanic and Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic.


The study of design and supervise the construction of infrastructure such as roads, buildings, tunnels, airports, dams, bridges, and water supply and sewage systems.

Top career paths are: Engineering Managers, Civil Engineer and Architect.

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